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This team have the nickname 'The Lepers' because in the 1920's they took part in a match for a leprosy clinic to raise money.

832 The Band Is Here The Coloso partying Списък за изпълнение
887 Go Go Newells Come on Newells. Списък за изпълнение
5049 It Doesn't Matter Which Ground I follow Newells everywhere. Списък за изпълнение
5822 Put Your Balls In, Have to Win NEW 'ave it! Списък за изпълнение
7760 Go Newells Typical fan support Списък за изпълнение
8082 The Guys from the Park The guys came to see you win Списък за изпълнение
14316 Newells Put Your Balls Into It Againts the red ones. Списък за изпълнение
20580 I Follow You Everywhere I am a leper. Списък за изпълнение
21920 You Liked Me Classic long Argentine chant from the Newell's Old Boys Списък за изпълнение
21950 Dear Red and Black The fans that give all... Списък за изпълнение
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